Publisher’s Weekly

I just learned from my awesome editor-in-chief, Spring Lea Henry that Publisher’s Weekly is interested in reviewing my book! What an exciting prospect! The entire process had been so surreal for me, and I gotta tell ya… it has been CRAZY to see the book cover and the layout for the book itself. I mean, really… it looks like an actual book now instead of pieces of paper with my raw creation scattered across them. What a ride! 

  1. On another note: The book has also been given to Patrick Jones, best selling author of several YA novels. He will be reading the novel and writing a blurb for the book. That is very exciting indeed, and I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say. It it nerve-wracking to think of another well-known author in your genre actually reading your book, though. Makes you very critical of yourself. It’s a true test of your work.
  2. The book is tentatively scheduled to be released on November 17. I will officially post the date in my Events tab once it is confirmed. Looking forward to seeing everyone at my book launch at Hastings in Clovis. I’ll be there with my yet-unused monogrammed pen my sisters gave me for my birthday ready to sign  a copy of the book for each of you! But more importantly than that, I cannot WAIT for all of you to have the chance to read it yourselves. Oh boy! 

Here’s a tiny taste of The Cadence:


         I casually glanced over my shoulder along with everyone else. There were thirty people in this room. He looked straight at me.
         He was gorgeous, with his face chiseled to perfection, and I didn’t want to turn away. No one in this school looked like him. Where had he come from?
        But the longer I stared, the more something bothered me about him. He seemed blank. No expression, like a statue. His eyes never faltered, and he didn’t look away. There was something about those eyes. It flashed through my mind that he knew me, and it unsettled me for a split second. 
       He didn’t blink. Didn’t smile. The silence broke into a rush of whispers. Someone giggled.
       I shuddered, faced the front, and slunk low in my chair.