My first review

I was delighted to see my very first, and five star, general public review on today. It’s a wonderful feeling to see that your hard work has affected someone positively, if for no other reason than to bring a little joy into a life through a good story. I’m looking forward to seeing many more. I know that not all feedback will be positive; I’m sure to have my share of critics as any author does, but I can’t please everyone, and as long as I’m pleasing some, I’ll be satisfied. I’m so looking forward to talking about my book with my readers. Send me an email, or comment here if you want to share anything that’s on your mind concerning The Cadence. I would love to hear from you.


The Cadence is officially published!

Well, the book launch was a success! My staff editor Anna Faulk and I had a super fun weekend. Now, I’m ready for people to read, read, read!

The local newspaper will be featuring me in Sunday’s paper, and I appeared on our local radio ‘s morning show last Friday. It’s been a whirlwind experience over the weekend. I am so appreciative of everyone who’s been a part of this great adventure. 

It is such a dream come true to see my book in print! Wow!