A few months back, I found a nifty little site called, and I was hooked. Goodreads is the place to be if you want to know the latest about the best and worst reads out there. Up to the minute reviews and ratings by everyday readers are available each day. I am able to promote my own works and also find out about the next bestseller that is all the rage. And right now, my book, The Cadence, is being reviewed by a group called “We ❤ YA Books”. It’s so nice to hear from the average reader, whether the review is good or bad, so that you have the chance to improve as a writer. I am very grateful for this site.

On another note, I had the privilege of hearing Lauren Oliver speak at the Colorado Teen Literature Conference in Denver this past month. She was the keynote speaker, and she was fantastic! So fantastic, in fact, that I am reading her Delirium Series. I just started Pandemonium, and love her books! And… she walked right past me in the hallway at the conference, but I was too shy to say anything. How lame is that? At the time, I hadn’t read any of her books, so I felt like I’d have nothing to say, and I had no copy of her book with me to get an autograph. Man! Next time, people; next time!

Note to self: Read a book by the keynote speaker before you go to the conference!”