“Like a gold ri…

“Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.” Proverbs 11:22


Book review on “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver

Delirium was a fantastic read. First, I love Lauren Oliver’s writing style. Her descriptions carried me right into the heart of the story so that I felt as if I was there in Portland, living within the borders, both fearing and longing for the day of my procedure. The characters were believable and fleshed out, and I came to know them personally. Their personalities and descriptions were believable and I loved all of them: Hana, Alex, Gracie, and of course, Lena. She was a fabulous heroine. This is always a key quality for me in any book I read: character development. Lauren Oliver achieved this aspect with great skill. She also developed the character of the setting so well that I really connected with the feel of the city and the Crypts and the Wilds, and I know she will do a fantastic job developing the Wilds even further in Pandemonium.

Alex was such a great character. He was smooth and smart and handsome, of course. Always a good thing to be. He was very likeable as Lena’s love interest. Lauren developed their relationship at a good pace that didn’t feel too rushed. I like that in a love story. There is nothing more disappointing than a couple moving from 0% to 100% in the first three chapters. This was refreshing and believable, and it felt right.

The idea of “Love is a disease” was absolutely brilliant. So brilliant, that I’m a little jealous that she thought of the idea first. I was so impressed with how Lauren built up the concept, and I loved all the little excerpts from The Book of Shhh at the beginning of each chapter. This gave an extra, special spice to the story that I enjoyed so much. It allowed readers to see how completely conditioned this world and the people in it are. And the scariest part is that this story is not so far-fetched. I could see the U.S. closing the borders one day; it’s not so unrealistic to imagine this. I could see martial law being instated; this, too, is not so far-fetched. The book is moving because it touches so closely on reality.

The greatest message that Lauren sends us, however, is in her idea that there are those who cannot be tamed. Hence, the Wilds. And I love this most of all; that people truly can rise above oppression and tyranny and… socialism, and choose to do the right thing even when the world tries to convince them that it’s wrong. This is what Alex and Lena stand for. And by the end of this series, I truly believe this is what Alex and Lena will do.Image