Prep for Doom

I am so excited to announce my involvement in a short story anthology coming to you June 18, 2015. Twenty authors have come together to bring you Prep for Doom, a collaborative effort to tell the fictional story of a viral outbreak that sweeps through the world killing nearly every human in its wake. The survivors must find a way to cope with this disaster in the midst of their grieving. It is a moving tale of apocalyptic proportions filled with moments of courage, strength, heartbreak, and unexpected twists.

In Prep for Doom, readers will be exposed to a group of end time survivalists. These are preppers who years ago launched a website that lends information, how-to tips, and survival methods for all sorts of apocalyptic scenarios. Several of the characters in the anthology are desperately searching for the safe zones, bunkers, and any other facilities where small cells of this larger group may have set up temporary bases. Throughout the story, readers will meet an emergency room doctor coping with the sick, a television reporter coping with the public’s reaction, military personnel, CDC investigators, and pharmaceutical employees. Many of these characters are trying to wrap their minds around what could have possibly been the cause of this viral attack.

Readers will also meet ordinary run-of-the-mill citizens who are simply trying to pull their lives back together in order to live in a new and very different world. A young girl and her autistic brother, two teens lovers desperately trying to find one another, a homeless man and his new and unexpected roommate. The list goes on, and every story and every character is unique and wonderfully filled with moments that will make you laugh, cry, and sigh with longing.

The story has become such a success that the editors have launched our very own Prep for Doom website ( where you can learn more about this sensational story and the featured authors. Thank you, fans, for your continued support of my writing. You are the reason I love this job!

Below is a link to my feature. Enjoy!