COVER REVEAL! Master ~The final chapter

Breeder Book Cover color 2
First we brought you Breeder, with its dirt encrusted caves and endless life of misery and darkness. Kate was a poor breeder bent on defying her destiny. For the most part, she succeeded.
The Archer Book Cover Adjusted
Then we gave you The Archer, a bridge between the darkness and the light. Hope was a reach away, and Ian, strong and invincible and armed with his trusty bow and a winged tattoo on his back, had every intention of saving the day in every way. He did not succeed.
Front Cover 002
And then . . .  they meet Penelope. Once from Eden, she turned away from everything it had to offer to pursue something they could not understand. Her decision led her to a life full of grace and truth. And peace. Lots and lots of peace. She has every intention of sharing it.
It is full of light.
Master: Arrow’s Flight 3 coming January 15, 2016.