Multiple Personalities… sometimes, this is good.

A few weeks ago, my daughter came home from school with results from an online personality test. There were 16 personalities featured, and I was curious. So I plopped down in front of my computer and dug in.

My results? Turns out I’m a Debater. “A smart and curious thinker who cannot resist an intellectual challenge.” (My family did not take this as a surprise. 😉

So what did I learn? I learned that this test was frighteningly accurate! So… first, my strengths:

I enjoy learning new and especially abstract concepts with my tremendously flexible mind, which is able to shift from idea to idea without effort. (Why, thank you!)

I respond with unabashed glee to solving chronic, systemic problems, analyzing them from every angle to find the best solutions. (Most people do not find this fun…)

With knowledge and originality, I reject without remorse options that don’t work. (True dat!)

I have a way with words and wit that others find intriguing, charming–even entertaining– while at the same time, informative. (I’m not sure everyone would agree, but I can’t please them all. That would be far too challenging!)

And lastly, I am truly impressive in my enthusiasm and energy, having no qualms with putting in long days and nights to find a solution.

And… just when this was all starting to sound extremely tiring, here came my weaknesses:

I’m very argumentative, insensitive, intolerant (OK, I’m not liking this one bit), I find it difficult to focus, and I dislike practical matters. (All of which I blame on menapause, by the way.)

Needless to say, I was consoled only by the fact that “this is a test… this is only a test.”

There were other categories: how a debater parents, functions in friendships, handles romantic relationships. Apparently, due to my lack of emotions, I tend to ignore my partner’s feelings and expect my children to independently change their own diapers. Geesh!

The one hope in all of this came at the very end, when I was assured that Debaters do have it in them to change their ways, and actually desire to do so. Good news!

I hope you caught the hint of sarcasm in my tone. Honestly, when I read every segment of this test, I realized that I’m not as bad as I’ve made myself appear here. But if nothing else, it did alert me to my shortcomings, and it allowed me, along with all of my friends who took the test with me, to understand each other so much better. One of my best friends is a Protagonist, the other a Consul. Finally! We get each other!

Mostly, I was reminded that life is one big test. Every day, we are asked to take it. Some days we fail miserably, but more times than not, we taste sweet success. On those days, I remember that I can be better than this personality test affords. I can hold my tongue, be considerate towards my husband, and support my children while continuing to instill in them independence. I can remember that the world does not revolve to please my every whim, but rather the opposite. And I can be grateful for the little tests God throws my way that make me deny myself… and strive to be better.

Take the test: 16 PERSONALITIES TEST


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