Wake up and read *Awoken* by Sarah Noffke

Since finishing upĀ The Scent of Lilac and shipping it off to my editor, I’ve finally found some time to read while I wait for those nasty, little inevitable edits. One thing all authors understand is that reading other authors’ works is essential. It’s the fuel for our imaginations. It’s what inspires us to pick up the pen again. It makes us better. And so… I read.

This month, fellow indie author Sarah Noffke is holding a reading marathon for her Lucidites series, and so I thought, why not? I have some time on my hands. I joined in on the reading of the very first book she ever wrote, Awoken. Here’s all I have to say:


awokenIf you’re looking for a sleepless night, literally, then this Dream Travelers book is the right choice for you! Set in an Institute created specifically for dream travelers Awoken, Book 1 in the Lucidites series, kept me longing for more. I’m always attracted to books that value character development and relationship building over plot, books that allow a natural plot to develop through character interaction. In that area Sarah Noffke delivered! I found myself turning each page with emotion as I came to know the characters one by one. I loved so many things about this book! The cautious flirtations between Roya Stark and Aiden, the casual manner in which Joseph slowly became Roya’s friend, the close, trusting bond she developed with George. In fact, by the end of the book the hardened, suspicious loner had bonded with her team in a way that allowed her to successfully focus on the mission. The characters were so endearing in this book, from the students to the teachers, and I thoroughly enjoyed being dragged into the story and feeling like I was right there in the thick of the action all the way to the end. The writing is simply brilliant in so many ways! As an indie author myself, I highly recommend this book!


Until next time…