Zombie Crawl 3

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It’s my first Zombie Crawl!

I’ll let you in on a secret… I don’t write zombie novels. Oh, it’s not that I’m adverse to the growling little creatures. I mean, I’m a solid fan of The Walking Dead just like everyone else. I’ve just never taken an interest in writing about them. Not that I won’t someday.

So when I decided to join up this year, I thought to myself, “What kind of prize do I want to give away?” Now, I could have just given away a copy of one of my own Dystopian books from my series, which you can find out all about at my website, Whispering Pages HERE. But I figured… why do another giveaway of my own stuff when I’m surrounded by awesome authors every day who write zombie fiction? I’m smart like that… lol! And that’s why my prize is awesome!

Now, just because I don’t write in the zombie apocalypse genre does not mean I haven’t encountered any. In fact, if you can believe it, I had the privilege of meeting one on my way home from Zumba last night. Our conversation went a little something like this…

Me: What the… ?

Fred the Zombie (I named him Fred. Why not?): Grrr….

Me: Dude, you stink. A lot. How long have you been dead?

Fred: Grrrrr…..gurgle, slurp.

Me: That long huh? Do you remember who you were before all this… decay set in?

Fred: (suddenly stops growling and looks me right in the eye as lucid as can be): Really? You aren’t scared?

(Turns out some zombies can talk, especially around Halloween. Fred’s British, by the way.)

Me: Look, I just did 100 squat presses to “If you like it then you shoulda put ring on it.” After that, I’m not scared of nothin’.

So… yeah. Not a zombie writer… and probably should just stick to writing what I know. But, don’t think I won’t enjoy a good zombie novel from time to time! And you’re in luck! I’m giving one away!

Enter my fun little giveaway right here to win a copy of Grace Lost… and a mystery Zombie prize:

Zombie Crawl Giveaway

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Be sure to Visit the Zombie Crawl Event to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway, and to see what the other authors are giving away, too. Thanks for stopping by!

Zombie Crawl 3

The Schedule

OCTOBER 24 – Monday

Jeffrey Clare (publisher, group host)

Christina L. Rozelle (author)

OCTOBER 25 – Tuesday

Digital Dirty Girl Book Blog (blog)

Rissa Blakeley (author)

OCTOBER 26 – Wednesday

R.L. Blalock (author)

Bryan Way (author)

Post-Apocalyptic Playground (blog)

OCTOBER 27 – Thursday

Claire C. Riley (author)

M. Lauryl Lewis (author)

OCTOBER 28 – Friday

The Voluptuous Book Diva (18+ blog)

YA Book Divas (blog)

Grivante (author)

OCTOBER 29 – Saturday

Kate L. Mary (author)

Brea Behn (author)

OCTOBER 30 – Sunday

Cameo Renae (author)

J.W. Vohs (author)

OCTOBER 31 – Monday

Kelsey D. Garmendia (author)

Lindsey Winsemius (author)

Casey Hays (author)

Lee Ryder (author)