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If you loved Firebloods, get ready for the next adventure in the series! Scorch Song, Book 2 releases May 27, 2018, but you can pre-order today! Don’t wait!




Casey Hays
YA Paranormal Romance

Gallagher thought she was crazy.

It all started when the boy next door made her hear music—inside her
head. All the time.

was torture.

didn’t think things could get worse. But then one hot summer, her
best friend Kane O’Reilly decides to tell her how he really feels
about her. Music inside her head? That’s nothing compared what
happens next.

only turn stranger when she and her lab partner Frankie Melmack begin
a project to prove the existence of the Vatra u Krvi—a race of
people tied to the mythical Phoenix. Add in a neglectful mother and a
magic ring, and the insanity that defines Jude’s life is pretty
well complete.

surges across the Nevada desert, and the best and worst parts of Jude
Gallagher’s life collide as myth meets reality. In the middle of
the chaos, she begins to hear more than just music. And she has to

just maybe… she really is crazy after all.

Hays developed a love for young adult fiction while teaching high
school English literature. She writes fantasy sci-fi and
dystopian–all with a twist of romance. She is best known for The
Arrow’s Flight Series (
The Archer, Master
a YA Christian dystopian, which includes
Scent of Lilac
an Arrow’s Flight Novella nominated for a RONE award for Best
Novella of 2016, and
Heart of Flesh (
first NA in the series). Her short story “Edge of a Promise”
is featured in the collaborative anthology
Currently, she is working on two more novellas for Arrow’s Flight as
well as the
series based on the legend of the Phoenix. Look for book 2,
this spring.

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An excerpt from Scorch Song (Firebloods 2)

I’m rabidly working on book 2 in the Firebloods series. I thought it was probably time to share an excerpt from Chapter One. Enjoy!
Chapter One


The whisper tickles the nape of my neck. I shrug up my shoulders against it, snuggling deeper into the blankets. Lips brush my earlobe, pulling me another degree toward consciousness. My mind searches through the dark until images of last night burn into my memory. Burn. That’s an interesting use of imagery considering the circumstances, isn’t it?
“I have to go to work,” Kane whispers.
I force open my eyes and meet a canopy of black feathers. That’s right. Feathers—not blankets. I shuffle my fingers through them, and they shimmer with iridescence that pulls the smile to my lips again. I haven’t been able to stop smiling. Not even in my dreams.
Kane’s mouth finds my neck, his tongue flicking my skin lightly, and that smile just widens another inch. It takes me half a second to meet his mouth, to sink into his kiss, to taste the musky vanilla on his lips. I sigh, and it’s settled: Kane O’Reilly was made to kiss me. It’s cheesy, I know, but it’s an undeniable fact. Look, if you were me, you’d be compelled to agree. Compelled. Ha! Did you see what I did there? I’m full of those little puns today.
We fell asleep on the sectional in my den early this morning, wrapped in each other’s arms and cocooned in his wings. I snuggle into him now, his bare chest scalding me with that familiar glowing heat. Only now, my skin matches his, and the heat explodes right through my tank top. And it’s totally mind-blowing.
“It’s Sunday,” I whisper.
With a laugh, he hugs me closer. We both know that doesn’t matter. Connor O’Reilly doesn’t know the meaning of “day of rest” in any shape or form. Because every Sunday, he and Kane clean the auto shop top to bottom to get ready for the next week. I swear, he’s the cleanest mechanic I’ve even known, and that is seriously interfering with my plans to keep Kane all to myself for a few more hours.
“Can’t we just stay here forever?” I ask. My palm absorbs the heat of his chest.
“We could.” He kisses my temple. “But we’d probably starve to death. And…” His whisper fills my ear. “I kinda need to pee.”
I laugh, planting a quick kiss on the end of his chin before he eases us up together, his arms tight around me. He swings his legs over the side of the couch and spreads his wings out behind him, long and dark black to match the color of his hair. I lift my eyes, taking them in, a little awestruck that any of this is happening to me. It’s unbelievable on every level of comprehension. But here I am… and here he is. A phoenix in disguise.
He furls his wings inward against his back. Another blink, and they vanish.
“You were dreaming again,” he says. Legs flung over his lap, I stretch to my full length.
“You could tell?” My response is stifled by a yawn.
“Yeah. You make little noises in your sleep when you dream.”
“Well, that’s embarrassing.”
“It’s cute,” he winks. “So don’t stop.”
And there I go, smiling like an idiot again. Because honestly, why not?
I pull my legs into my chest as he pushes to his feet, and I remember the dream. It was vivid, so vivid that it didn’t feel like a dream at all. Kane was there, and this time, there was no confusion over whether it was him. It was. And I felt safe because he was with me.
In reality, I didn’t have much time for dreaming last night. We hardly slept. We danced a little, cried a lot, but mostly, he told me everything he knew. Years ago, as our parents swore him to secrecy, he secretly made his own promise—to me. Obviously, I didn’t know about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that he made it. He was always going to tell me. In fact, he bought that little silver key exactly six months before he gave it to me. The token that symbolized the unlocking of my identity year by year with each new added tooth—counting the days to my eighteenth birthday. That was the year he planned to risk our parents’ wrath and break it to me. Of course, due to extenuating circumstance, that day came a bit sooner than expected.
From where I lie on the sectional, I have a clear view of Kane—right through the slats of the metal railing that divides the sunken den from my kitchen. He rummages around in a cupboard. His taut back muscles, right where his wings should be, stretch and pulse with each motion. I puff up a little. I can’t help it. That hunk of a Fireblood belongs to me.
This morning, bronzed and toned and full of silent fire, he is worlds more beautiful than yesterday morning, or the day before, or the day before that. Because this morning, I’m different, and it makes everything that much sweeter.

The Arrow’s Flight Reading Marathon

The 2nd Annual Arrow’s Flight Reading Marathon is less than two weeks away!

If you like the dystopian genre, why not take the journey to Eden in this unique faith-based tale. We kick off with Breeder: Arrow’s Flight 1 on September 24. Here’s a synopsis for your reading pleasure:

meadow sepiaIn a primitive village over a hundred years after a world war, we meet Kate. It’s her sixteenth birthday, the stars have aligned just so, and Kate has been given her assigned duty: breeder. This is a privileged and honorable role, a role that brings new life. But from day one, Kate has fought against it, outright defying Fate and her ruling constellation, The Archer. She holds out hope that there is something, or someone, bigger than the stars who can make sense of her life and explain why she feels so differently about the ways of the Village. Her rebellion is short-lived, and she is forced to the Pit where she meets Ian, her mate. Ian is a mystery, and Kate soon realizes that Ian is not like the rest of the “stock.” In fact, he’s not like anything she’s ever seen in her life.

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The making of FIREBLOODS


Hey there all!

So my brand new paranormal romance is out! What a fun project this has been!

When I started writing Firebloods  last  year, I really had no idea where the book was going. I only knew that this idea kept screaming to get out of my head, and I finally had to make it happen.

Some of you may not know this, but I’m a huge X-men fan. And ever since Jean Grey morphed into the Phoenix back in my college days, I’ve been mesmerized by the idea of such an anomaly. That’s really where my idea for Firebloods originated. I wanted to take a stab at developing a world centered around an original idea of a paranormal creature based on the Phoenix… but not yet discovered.

Firebloods is not about vampires, werewolves, witches, or fae people. It’s about a race of people created with the blood of the Phoenix. And they are marvelous.

I named them the Vatra u Krvi, which literally means “fire in the blood” in Bosnian. Why? Because their creator was a man by the name of Amir Ademov, a Bosnian scientist obsessed with developing a race of people with superhuman qualities. And boy did he deliver! I’m not going to say much more about them. I certainly don’t want to ruin the element of discovery for you.  You’re going to have a lot of fun learning all about Firebloods as this series progresses. SCORCH SONG, BOOK 2 will be out early next year.

I hope you enjoy reading my new little tale as much as I enjoyed writing it. Grab your copy today: FIREBLOODS


Have a blessed day!




Today on the Blog: Operation Child Soldier by Jaci Wheeler

I am so excited to announce the release of Jaci Wheeler’s newest novel Operation Child Soldier!

Jaci has joined us on Meet Me Between the Pages today to tell us a little bit about the book and how she came up with her idea for the story.



Operation Child Soldier
I was trained from birth to be the best Agent possible. Growing up in a Military Training Academy for unwanted children has its perks. I might not have ever been to a dance but I am a sharp shooter, master at hand to hand combat and best hacker the Academy has ever seen. I trained my whole life to pass the final and become an Elite agent. The only problem? My entire life has been a lie. My father is a monster and I’ve been trained to kill monsters.



Jaci, the floor is yours!


Thank you so much for checking out my blog tour! I’ve had a few people ask how on earth I came up with the concept for Operation Child Soldier.

OCS2I must admit, child assassins do sound a bit extreme. But I stumbled upon an article one day–I can’t even remember where to be honest–and it was talking about how more countries, especially Middle Eastern countries were starting to train women and children to become assassins. I’d just watched a movie with my husband that focused on foster care and how horrible some of these homes are and how some kids would rather live on the street than end up in foster care. Somehow everything just clicked.

I love having strong female leads, and Aria just started unfolding before my eyes. I didn’t even outline, I just grabbed my phone and started dictating the entire story to my notes. The idea that training women and children is actually happening and that these other countries are finding success really helped to unlock my imagination. My dream has always been to own an orphanage and to have a safe place for children to come. I guess you can say I merged the two together, and even though the Academy in this first book isn’t what my dream was…it just might end up that way. You will have to read book two to find out.

Click image to watch the AWESOME trailer here:

OCS button

A little about Me:

JaciI have been married to my very supportive husband for eight years, and we have two amazing Autistic kids! I always dreamed of being a writer, but life got in the way. Going through my kids’ different therapies and special schools and one meeting after the next, I needed a way to get away from it all and find my perfect Utopia! This is how the United Series was born. Writing has always been cathartic to me. Who wouldn’t want to leave their world for a while and step into a new one?

I have so many stories and characters just waiting to find a place on your shelf! I’m hoping to come out with a few more trilogies very soon.


Thank you for stopping  by to learn more about Jaci and her latest release. You can find her at all the following places:


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Operation Child Soldier

OSC Mockup